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Our Story

Inspired Solutions is the company for Professional Property Investors.  Darren Regis-Williams Managing Director is a long time property investor himself, who formed this company to provide the professional service he was always searching for from his service providers.  With an emphasis on customer service, industry knowledge, experience and great partners we aim to provide all our customers peace of mind.


The essence of our business

Our logo captures the core essence of our Business – strength, balance and passion. The green represents nature in the form of a tree; with strong roots and always growing, we offer security to our customers from the wealth of options that are available to you. The Yin-Yang represents the balance between landlord and tenant; whichever you are, we strive to find harmony between you. Finally, the heart represents the love and passion we have for making these work together for you



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I’m Darren Regis-Williams, and I’m Inspired! And yes, that’s my company’s name and that’s my life’s purpose: To inspire you on your property journey, drawing on more than 10 years of property experience and my amazing network.

So if you fancy tapping into the inspirational power of a friendly chat use the contact form or give us a call


Our Business helping you

My property acquisitions and management business brings my customers peace of mind, and I’d love to share that know-how with you too if you’re:
An investor who’d like to make more money through property, or landlord who’d like a better return on your portfolio with less hassle. An agent looking to reduce administration and increase fee income or you’re just starting and looking for some encouragement and ideas on where to start.

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